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Top 15 Health Benefits of Yoga

15 Yoga Health Benefits

[contentblock id=1 img=gcb.png]I am sure you have heard of Yoga but did you know that Yoga  dates back to Ancient Indian practice? In fact, it dates back to the early 15th Century but was not widely practiced until the 20th century. Yoga is a type of low impact exercise which request stretching and holding positions. However Yoga is not just for strength and flexibility, as it has wonderful other health benefits as well when practiced regularly.

Some equipment and props that are required for Yoga exercise are a good  (Non-Toxic Eco Safe Rubber mat), towels, yoga blocks & wedges, and straps for streching.

Here is a list of 15 top health benefits of Yoga:
1. Increases blood flow

When it comes to looking at yoga benefits one that particularly stands out is that is helps to increase blood flow in all parts of your body. With yoga relaxation exercises, circulation is increased to the extremities of the body with the results of the twisting and turning. This in the long run may help with kidney problems and possible reduction of swelling.

2. Increases bone health

Lifting your own weight during yoga classes is something that is required time and again. We all understand that lifting strengthens bones, however lifting ones own weight with Yoga has the same effect. This makes it possible to increase bone density and thus increases bone health.

3. Increases the heart rate

With everyday lifestyles becoming more sedentary, the heart rate continues to become slower. A slow heart rate can lead to heart issues. Like cardio exercise, yoga can also increase heart rate. A healthy heart rate equals a healthy heart. To check your target heart rate, please use this chart as a guide.

4. Prevents cartilage and joint breakdown

With every completed class of yoga, you will be able to go through a variety of exercises at a time. This usually targets the degenerative tissues in the body in the cartilage and joint areas. In this case when in motion during yoga the fluids in between the joints are pushed out creating space for new fluids with sufficient nutrients. This in the long run ensures that the prevention and slow degeneration of cartilage and joint breakdown is achieved.

5. Develops flexibility

With age comes restriction in movement and flexibility. With Yoga requiring stretching in a variety of different positions, you can ensure more flexibility and better movement over time. In this case if one suffers from back pains and other related aches, you may notice some improvement with aches and pains.

6. Sleep deeper

One of the greatest yoga health benefits is the ability to sleep better. In fact, studies are showing that Yoga will help with those who suffer with chronic insomnia. Yoga releases tension and soothes the mind. You will notice after practicing Yoga, you will feel free of stress and the ability to relax at night .

7. Reduces blood pressure

If you suffer from high blood pressure, Yoga may help.  With yoga one can reduce their systolic blood pressure by up to 25 points and their systolic pressure by a significant 15 points, taking it back to normal.

8. Boosts immunity

With the constant stretches of various muscles, this enables the drainage of the lymph at an increased rate which is rich in immunity cells. The lymph fluids then work to help boost immunity and help fight off infections.

9. Lowers blood sugar

Practicing yoga for a person suffering from diabetes has been found to be significantly beneficial. Yoga is known to help reduce blood sugar by stabilizing adrenaline levels and lowering cortisol levels. This on the other hand can improve your sensitivity to insulin and boosts intake of good cholesterol.

10. Balances the body’s system

One of the most common yoga health benefits is that it can help you relax from your day to  day stresses. This is achieved by slowing down, meditating, and focusing on breathing pace. With relaxation of the body achieved, the nervous system restores itself and body functions increase.

11. Maintains body nervous system

After practicing yoga for a few years, many benefit from maintaining or improving of ones nervous system. Our nervous system is so important as it controls all of our organs and responses in our body. Not only does Yoga help with stress, it also helps to delay the onset of nervous system diseases.

12. Breathing Patterns

The first things that one experience when practicing yoga is improved breathing patterns. You will notice that you will take fewer but bigger, deeper breaths. This can encourage longer exercise time as the oxygen becomes saturated in the blood by taking in maximum breathes of air.

13. Prevents digestive problems

Yoga may prevent digestive problems.

14. Soothes sinuses

People who suffer from sinuses can benefit from practicing yoga as it soothes their sinus pain and drainage.

15. Builds muscle strength

Building muscles is important to ensure that the body can be able to support the weight effectively without wearing out. In this regard when it comes to practicing yoga regularly, it can also help with arthritis and other pain related to the back.


Have you practiced Yoga before? What are some other health benefits of Yoga?

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