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Join the 10K Pledge Team

How to Join the 10K PLEDGE Team
10,000 STEPS IN THE RIGHT DIRECTIONtruvision 10k pledge community

How to Join the 10K Pledge:

Step 1 – Get a FitBit!

Step 2 – Set up your FitBit account online

Step 3 – Under ‘About Me’ enter your Associate ID number and be sure it made visible to those who view your account (this is for corporate to know who you are and to calculate total group steps).
Step 4 – Join the ‘TruVision Health Official’ community
• Click on the ‘community tab’
• Select ‘Activity Groups’ in the drop down menu
• Type ‘TruVision Health Official’ in the search field
• Click ‘Search’
• Join the ‘TruVision Health Official’ group
• Friend Travis or Derek or Shawn or Kim
• *Note: The ‘TruVision Health Official’ community group is to be used strictly for tracking purposes. As the community grows we will acquire individuals from every ‘walk’ of life; from marathon trainers to an office worker. It is not meant for comparison or competition. We encourage you to create your own personal groups to motivate your own team members.
Step 5 – Join the ‘TruVision Health 10K Pledge’ Facebook page
Step 6 – Get Walking for better health and awesome monthly perks


Logging your steps manually will not count towards the monthly goal
Your steps need to be synced to your account via your fitbit device
o Don’t forget to sync throughout the day
The number of steps is determined each month by multiplying 10,000 X the number of days in a month. For example: the month of April has 30 days; which means you will need to reach 300,000 steps by the end of the month.

Monthly free stuff from TruVision Health
Recognition on the Corporate Website
Certificate of achievement
Receive tips, motivation, and updates
A better you!

TruVision Health -FitBit 10K Pledge



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