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12 Signs You Are Not Drinking Enough Water

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Are you drinking enough water? Water makes up to 80% of your body but unfortunately not many people take the issue of drinking enough water seriously. This leads to dehydration. However, you may not be able to differentiate between the signs of “you are not drinking enough water” and those of other diseases. In this article, I will explain 12 signs that you are probably not drinking enough water.

Reduced urine 

A normal human being who drinks enough water passes water averagely five times in a day. If you make lesser trips to the rest rooms, you are not drinking sufficient amount of water. The water you pass out should also be clear; without a dark yellow color. If you pass out water that is yellow, your body is dehydrated. You should note that this can infect your urinary tract. Therefore, you should increase the intake to boost the number of trips you make to the toilet. One or two trips is a sign of inadequate of water.

Feeling thirsty 

Water makes you feel fresh and better. If you drink insufficient water, you will experience feeling of thirsty and your brain will be pushing you to drink more water. Drinking water will restore the peace of mind and the thirsty feeling will go away.

Mouth dryness 

Typically water acts as a lubricant for the mucus membranes in the mouth and the throat region. Drinking enough water ensures that your mouth is kept moist always. Take this case as an example; a watered tree is always healthier than that which grows on dry soil. You lips will also be “healthier” when you drink enough water. Therefore, if you feel a sticky feeling in your mouth and throat, you should reach for water to avoid having a dry mouth.

Dry skin 

Since the skin covers the largest part of your body, it is important to keep it hydrated always. If you realize that your skin is becoming drier each day then you should know that you are not drinking enough water. Sweat washes away any waste materials that may be available in your body. Insufficient water in the body means insufficient sweat. As a result, the waste will accumulate which will lead to a dry skin. You should drink water to stimulate sweat production by the sweat glands to wash those wastes away.

Decreased muscle mass

The mass of your muscles is comprised of water.  Water is necessary before and after workouts to keep the form of your muscles at par. Water also decreases the chances of inflammation during weightlifting.

Prolonged sickness 

Water helps your body to get rid of toxins. This means decreased chances of sickness or quick recovery. When your water intake is insufficient, you will stay sick for longer since toxins will be in high concentration in your body, also lowering your immunity. When you are sick, water is required in your body to fight the disease out.

Unusual fatigue 

A dehydrated body borrows water from other sources like your blood makes you feel fatigued. This is because a dehydrated body lacks enough oxygen which leads to fatigue and lack of sleep. Try increasing the intake of water only, avoiding sodas and caffeinated teas.

Digestive problems 

A low intake of water means that the mucus in the stomach and along with the digestion system will be weak. This allows the hydrochloric acid in your body to serve the functions of water which leads to digestion complications. If the acid goes beyond reach you will experience indigestion and effects of heart burn.

Constipation issues 

A dehydrated body forces the colon to use all the water that is important during digestion. This means that there will be no lubricant left in the body; resulting to constipation. The digestive system needs to be hydrated to allow “that waste” to come out with ease.

Early aging 

You may feel as if you are experiencing early signs of aging. Age is inversely proportional to the amount of water in our bodies. As you get older you need to increase water intake so that your skin looks younger. Early aging will be seen clearly by the looks of your skin.

Aching joints 

Friction between the bones causes pain along the joints. To reduce friction, it is important to take in enough water so that the joints will be lubricated. It is important to note that water makes up a larger percentage of the cartilages and the spinal discs. Drinking enough water ensures that the joints absorb shocks which are caused by sudden movements and the bones will not grind against each other.

Dry eyes

Insufficient water does not only affect the mouth but it also your eyes. More water means more tears. If you do not drink enough water, you will experience dry eyes since your tear ducts will be dry due to inadequate tear production.


Water is life. It is recommended to drink at least six glasses of water every day in order to prevent any health issues which may be on the way. If you detect any of these signs, try to respond instantly by increasing your water intake. Your health is special!

  • Try replacing your sodas, Gatorades and juices with water instead.  Heart & Hydration is an excellent alternative beverage to today’s sugared, carbonated and stimulate-laden beverages. It will rehydrate and replenish your electrolytes in a healthy way without unhealthy ingredients such as sugar, caffeine or carbonation.
  • Also try infusing water with fresh fruits.  Check out these great fruit infused recipes .
  • Keeping a good water bottle filled with water throughout the day will also encourage and increase your intake.


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  1. WOW. Such great insight. Thanks for sharing this. I always try to get my family to drink more water! So hard to do but so important.

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