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10 Candida Overgrowth Symptoms and How To Treat It

10 Candida Overgrowth Symptoms & How To Treat It

[contentblock id=1 img=gcb.png]Candida overgrowth – What is it exactly? Candida is actually a type of fungus and the typical places where it is found in the human body are the mouth and intestines. When it is produced in an excessive amount, it breaks the walls of the intestine and enters the bloodstream. This is usually accompanied by the release of toxic elements that might result in various ailments such as depressive disorders, indigestion, etc.

Generally, the presence of healthy bacteria in our body can help to prevent the growth of candida. But there are some factors which aid candida to grow unusually. Some of these factors are excessive consumption of alcohol, regular usage of oral contraceptives, intake of foods rich in carbohydrates and sugar, leading a life full of stress and anxiety and also use of antibiotics that are detrimental to our body.

Our GI tract is responsible for 80% of the immune system`s health. When we improve our digestive function we are helping by improving our immune system.

Symptoms of candida overgrowth

symptoms and diseases causes by candida

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Feeling lethargic and tired all through the day? Although you slept through the night, you wake up not feeling revitalized in the morning. This lethargy might linger all day for no explained reasoning.

Mood Swings or Depression

Do you encounter inconsistent mood swings and depression? It is a fact that our gut is similar to our second brain; therefore, any kind of malfunction in the gut might lead to mood shifts and anxiety.

Difficult Concentrating

Do you have difficulty concentrating on any subject or suffer from poor memory? Does your thought process become foggy as well as impaired?

Cravings for Sugar / Starchy Foods

Do you show strong cravings for sugary or starchy foods? The overgrowth of bacteria or yeast results in the gut lining getting thinned and thus the food is not absorbed but is released as toxins into the bloodstream. If you are suffering from candida overgrowth, you will have a tendency of feeling more hungry and usually crave sugary, starchy or yeasty foods like bread. The consumption of these foods makes the condition even worse and it becomes really hard to stop this behavior due to the strong cravings.

Skin Problems

Do you suffer from skin problems? Too much production of the overgrowths make the skin “leaky” and this results in many chronic skin problems like Acne, Rosacea, rashes, Eczema, dermatitis, Psoriasis and many others.

Feeling Bloated

Do you always feel bloated, constipated or suffer from constant diarrhea? Foods might not be digested properly due to improper balance of bacteria.


With the advent of time, many of the sufferers gradually become more sensitive to ecological toxins due to the fact that their bodies have also become toxic. In addition to this, other organs such as the liver as well as the kidneys are forced to overwork.


A vast majority of the dysbiosis patients are afflicted with toenail fungus because their immune systems function below par.

Frequent Vaginal Yeast Infection

Slowly as the disorder advances, the other parts of the body becomes affected. The victim might suffer from chronic female yeast infections and in males prostate issues and there also might be other symptoms.

Other Miscellaneous Symptoms

Apart from all these symptoms, the victim sometimes encounters loss of interest in sexual activities, groin aches or muscular pains without any perceptible cause, and also mouth ulcers, nasal congestion or dry mouth.

If you ever suspect that you are afflicted with candida overgrowth, then first you must be sure of it.

Listed here are some common ways of testing a candida overgrowth.

Spit test

Use your tongue to collect saliva in the mouth when you get up in the morning; be sure not to eat or drink anything. After spitting the saliva into a glass of fresh water, wait for at least 15 minutes and observe the result. In case the saliva reaches the bottom of the glass and appears cloudy or floats in the middle of the glass appearing as little specs, then it is possible that you are infected with a candida overgrowth.

Photo Credit: http://www.hydrotherapie-colon.fr/

Photo Credit: http://www.hydrotherapie-colon.fr/

Blood test

It is possible to detect candida antibodies if live analysis of blood is done under a powerful microscope. But often the results are not that accurate due to false readings.

Candida Immune Complexes test

This method is the most authentic test for candida overgrowth and usually it’s quite expensive. Often it costs more than $100 and it needs to be ordered by a doctor.

Food Allergy Test

This is a reliable method to determine the cause of yeast infections in the body of the patient. Food allergies might contribute to a number of conditions such as asthma, arthritis, and gastrointestinal disorders.

Breath Hydrogen Test

First the patient has to consume a sugar solution and after a definite period of time, the test determines how much hydrogen is present in the breath of the victim. A high amount of hydrogen will indicate that the small intestine of the victim is infected with bacterial overgrowth.

The Candida Questionnaire

This is actually a set of questions that may be used by both males and females to identify the systemic candidiasis.Apart from all the above-mentioned tests, there are also several other methods to determine whether the individual has a candida overgrowth or not. It may be a fact that you are looking for a confirmed method to get rid of your candida infection. More often than not, the candida victims have to encounter very undesirable consequences that affect the emotional, as well as physical health.

Techniques that may treat candida:

  1. You must avoid tight undergarments and also refrain from using soap, deodorants or cologne on the delicate parts of your body. The undergarments should be made from cotton and not from artificial fabrics like nylon. You must make it a habit of taking a bath at least once or twice daily and also you must properly dry your body before wearing any garments.
  2. Consumption of foods play a major role in treating candida and it is recommended to eat foods that are not sugary, starchy or yeasty. Biscuits, chocolates, and brownies must also be avoided. One should also ingest vitamin A and C to treat candida and this may be combined with specific herbs like garlic, grapefruit seed, and tea tree oil.
  3. A universally accepted cure for candida is yogurt. Vinegar is yet another preferred treatment; it is recommended to mix vinegar with yogurt and some other herbs like tea tree oil and add this mixture to the bathwater which you can use to take a long, nice soak.
  4. Your physician may also prescribe tablets and/or a topical ointment which can help to reduce itching and give relief from other symptoms. Usually, you will get these medications in a drug store and these medicines will be able to give you short-term relief.
  5.  Do you take a good probiotic? In fact, doctors are suggesting that probiotics are “Essential” to the body. There are some really good probiotics on the market to choose from. Kids may also need probiotics too.  You may find after being on a probiotic for a period of time, your symptoms mentioned above me be reduced.

If you have tried one or more methods mentioned above to treat candida but could not see the desired result, then it is advisable to consult your medical practitioner. An expert physician is always the best person to guide you to get rid of candida overgrowth.

To read more about Candida Overgrowth and what you can do to fight it off, I recommend these great resources:

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